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>Gratuitous Nudity:
>If you thought Tomino got away with a lot when he did the nudity stuff on
>Brain Powerd, you thought wrong. The ED has a buck-naked Roland floating
>in the air. Roland got butt-naked in episode 1, and he got to see the Heim
>sisters naked before he drowned. He got naked again with Soshie in episode
>2 and 3. Roland's unit even made contact with Soshie (don't ask) in
>3. In just 3 episodes, we've already had A LOT of nudity, and most of
>them don't even enhance the story at all, either. Sunrise probably
>dictated this on Tomino, in order to appeal to the Wing fans who can't get
>enough of the yaoi thing.

Sunrise might got some shock from the 'successes' (to certain degree) of the
Gainax.... then decided to do similar things with their characters.....
Wouldn't some TV stations cut the scene or something?

>Based on the first 3 episodes, it doesn't look very promising if you are
>looking for something truly original or exciting. The V-Gundam-like setup
>gives you a been-there-done-that, deja vu kind of feeling, except now
>things take place in a 19th/early 20th century environment a la space
>which Seabook lived in(F91). The Turn-A itself also did not live up to all
>the benefits of the doubt you guys gave it. In fact the characters from
>show openly make fun of it, and that ain't a good sign if you're parodying
>yourself that early in a show:
>"Yes, sir, there IS a problem with the MS."
>"Oh? What is it?"
>"It's got a ... mustache."

I don't know... the whole thing (designs and settings and everything...)
might be the subliminal or emphathic message left from the previous series's
plot.... Being many people sitting in one studio and trying to piece
together one thing, there must been some mental pictures (?) left from the
previous years that current team somehow picked up unconsciously.. :) As
you might realize, I am getting a bit cynical about this, but I still want
to see it.

So, what would be the rating of the series (based on 3 episode) in 1 to 5

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