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>I've got a copy of the crossbone gundam comic, but I have no idea what
>its about since its in chinese. All I know is that its a continuation of F91
>and that Seabooks name may have mystically changed to Kawasaki....
>Anybody know what crossbone is about?

This should be enshrined somewhere in the Gundam Archives. Briefly, though:

Five years after F91, Cosmo Babylonia collapses in civil war between those
who support Vera Ronah (AKA Cecily Fairchild) and her renunciation of her
grandfather Meitza's "Nobility Principle" and those who followed Meitza and
Iron Mask and want more of the same. Vera realizes that this civil war has
been orchestrated by agent provacateurs of the Jupiter Energy Fleet, which
has apparently been waging a secret war against the Federation by fomenting
unrest throughout the Earth Sphere. (They're still at it a generation
later in V Gundam)

In UC 0133, five years later still, Vera and her former Crossbone Vanguard
crew begin raiding the JEF transports out near Jupiter. Ostensibly
pirates, with all of the traditional Jolly Roger trappings, they're
actually privateers fighting a unilateral guerilla war against the Jupiter
Empire, a radical faction of the JEF that's behind all of the clandestine acts.

Enter Tobias Aronnaxe, apparently named for the French professor who
documented Captain Nemo's submarine piracy in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea,
an exchange student from Earth whose ship is attacked by the CV enroute to
Jupiter. Like Seabook, Tobias is an engineering student with some MS
experience, so he grabs a JEF MS and helps defend the ship. The CV wipe
them out, being careful not to harm the pilots as they tear up their MS,
and Tobias learns upon returning to the ship that his teacher is a Jupiter
Empire agent and that the ship carried a cargo of poison gas for the return
trip to Earth. Tobias is rescued from his former mentor by Crossbone
Gundam pilot Kinkedo Nau, apparently named for the monster defeated and
befriended by the Babylonian hero Gilgamesh, and given the choice of going
back to Earth or joining the CV in their war against the Jupiter Empire.
Tobias joins the pirate crew, along with a stowaway named Bernadette.

Adventures, alarums and excursions ensue, during which Tobia survives and
finds himself to be a Newtype, Kinkedo is revealed to be Zabine Chareaux,
Seabook Arno turns up sporting a mechanical hand (Š la Luke Skywalker but,
hey! Hooks are definitely passť) and Vera acquires a shoulder-borne parrot.

Arrr, mateys! Shiver me beam shields! Avast, ye scurvy knaves!

Get the picture?


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