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>Now I swear I saw a bunch of logos on a Zaku page somewhere... Here it is:
> http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Spade/3862/p-date2/e.html

Cyrus Locke's "Gouf Lady" (E30.JPG) is second from the bottom (or should I
say "Bottoms"?). There's an analagous "Zaku Lady" (E13.JPG) about halfway
down the page. But it appears that Marlo Gaim's "China Lady" is not shown
here -- Gaim apparently had more than one emblem or, at least, more than
one name or legend for his emblem. The one shown here is "Pretty Bomb"
(E11.JPG). Others included the aforementioned "China Lady," Cherry Bomb"
and "Siamese Fever."

Probe, check out the "Screaming Mantis" (E06.JPG) sported by MS-07B pilots....


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