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>On Tue, 3 Aug 1999, Richie Ramos wrote:
>> LOL! I love the WWII style PI markings! but I agree, that
>> would probably be the artwork for some of them...
>How do you like the Gouf girl? I guess that's one of the MS Girl.

No, "Gouf Lady" was the personal insignia of Zeon Ace 1st Lieutenant (O-2)
Cyrus Locke of the Earth Attack Force's 4th Terrestrial Mobile Division,
stationed in southeast Asia and Australia, where he was renowned as a

This should not be confused with the "China Lady" emblem sported by 1Lt
Marlo Gaim, who piloted a dark brown MS-07B in the same Division.

The Gouf Lady predates the Les MS Girls by a good five years, I think.

>Seeing some of the chauvinistic behaviour of various Fed and Zeon pilots,
>it's pretty reasonable that they have a lot of lewd graphics on the MS.
>Esp. for the Cyclop team and the 0083 fly boys.

Typical of fighter jocks and even some tank crews. Bombers used to paint
them on their bombs as well as on the noses of their planes, but little
evidence of this remains, for obvious reasons.

>Now what kind of pinup would you find on Cima's MS ;)

Big, buff Tarzan-style hunk wearing a skimpy white-tigerskin and sporting a
chest tattoo of the Cima herself, done up like Mika Akitaka's AGX-04
Gerbera Tetra Girl (or MS-14Fs Gelgoog M Girl), which in turn displays a
Tarzan MS art that sports a Cima tattoo, which in turn....


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