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On Mon, 2 Aug 1999, Vince Leon wrote:
> and follow the link called "Decals". Just think of all those cool squadron
> markings for your gundam models. Maybe we can cut down the production cost
> if anyone else is interested in getting some gundam decals.

Ja! Great find, thanks! So I guess US$6-8/sheet is basically the
reference price level, custom decals could be a bit higher, but shouldn't
be too high since we will supply the artwork in suitable file format.

So who else is interested in this? I think we need to come up with the
designs first:

- Fed and Zein coats of arms at various sizes
- numerals (yeah I know you can get those from other sources)
- realistic MS-specific warning labels
- squardron logos
- kill counts (or however you call them)
- vanity and politically incorrect pinups

Now I swear I saw a bunch of logos on a Zaku page somewhere... Here it is:

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