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> Turn A Gundam - first 3 episodes:

> Episode 1: Bark at the Moon
> Episode 2: Coming-of-Age Ritual
> Episode 3: After the Ritual

> Mystery:
> - What's that gold fish thingie Roland is so fond of?

Some item he brought along with him. He's used it as some form of
identification if I understand it correctly in one episode. I think it's a
gift of some type from a loved one.

> - Is Diana a benevolent leader who lacked control over her soldiers, or is
> there something darker brewing behind it all?

She's there to personnally oversee the negotiations for the land the Moon
Race wants. I wouldn't exactly say benevolent. The 'Prince and Pauper'
imitation isn't exactly benelovent.

> - What other goodies are buried near the site of the Whitedoll (Turn-A)?
> They've already unearthed the Kapool... apparently in the "black
> the Turn-A was mentioned along with other MS from the UC era. And
> sides of the conflict know about the Turn-A's importance as they fight
> control of it.

A group of Zakus in ep 14!!!! That and something resembling an old G
Cannon, but with a different gun mounted. (And it's even stolen from under
their noses!)

> - Why does Kiel resemble Queen Diana so much?

Still unknown.

> - Will Roland fight for the earth or the Moonrace? It's pretty obvious
> the Moonrace has superior technology, and I think the earthnoid's
> UC MS to compete is beginning to sound like a cheesy setup...

Well, it's still unknown, but likely Earth. As for the older suits, isn't
that the point of the title? I thought it was supposed to be a mix of all
of the past merging into the new.

> Verdict:
> Based on the first 3 episodes, it doesn't look very promising if you are
> looking for something truly original or exciting. The V-Gundam-like setup
> gives you a been-there-done-that, deja vu kind of feeling, except now
> things take place in a 19th/early 20th century environment a la space
> which Seabook lived in(F91). The Turn-A itself also did not live up to
> the benefits of the doubt you guys gave it. In fact the characters from
> show openly make fun of it, and that ain't a good sign if you're parodying
> yourself that early in a show:

Since I've never seen Victory yet, it seems ok to me so far. I'll hold back
all judgement until more develops.

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