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> If you mean whether the feet was done like a Valkyrie's, no. It's 2 main
> pieces (left and right) with a front piece covering where the toes should
> be. No 2 piece foot like the PG Zaku II.

Is the front covering, where the toes would be, molded in red? One thing I
hated about the 1/144, was the feet where all in red, instead of being in
white. Its easier to paint white, red, then paint red, white.

> >Other
> >then filling in the panel lines, what parts require paint?
> Interior of the shield, the black part of the shield, the red vertical
> on the knee, the rifle, the pilot, and the head (boy am I gonna hate
> it together).
> Eddie

How is the head put together and how are the eyes done? The heads probably
built like most 1/100 kits, isn't it? There's probably stickers for the red
knee slats, isn't there? Is the shields red part molded in red? Sorry for
asking tons of questions about the kit?


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