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> A rather pricy kit at 2,000 yen, I think the box size was about the same
> size as a MG Gundam or MG Zaku II. Good news is that most parts were
> in the right colors (thank System Injection for it) - you even get colored
> clear parts for the cockpit cover. It can hold its beam rifle in a stance
> just like when it first appeared in the anime. Too bad there's no "jock-
> strap" elevator cockpit like in the anime. The white used on the plastic
> did not look good though... you will definitely want to paint over it,
> because it looked too plastic for comfort.

Is the yellow part on the Turn A's shoulders and chest molded in yellow? What
about the feet, are they two pieces or if not, how are the feet done? Other
then filling in the panel lines, what parts require paint?


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