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>> Pardon me but can anyone tell me what is this MicroGundams thing? Or is
>> there anyone who can send me a pic? Thanks.
>They are little figures, about 3 inches tall, and use system injection to
>color the parts. They are pre assembled, but there shields and guns are on a
>sprue, but they are made of one piece of plastic. They are fairly poseable.
>They would work great for table top mecha games. I have four different
>Gundam's from this line. I have no idea how many there are, though. I don't
>know if theres any Zaku's though.

There are 12 and most of them are Zakus:

01 - Gundam (E181-2)
02 - V Gundam (E191-2)
03 - Gundam Armored Type (E181-A)
04 - V Gundam Cannon Type (E191-K)
05 - MS-06S Zaku (Z131-1)
06 - MS-06FZ Zaku Kai (Z132-1)
07 - MS-06S Zaku Black Trinary Command Type (Z131-R)
08 - MS-06F Zaku Black Trinary Type (Z132-R)
09 - MS-06S Zaku Johnny Ridden Type (Z131-S)
10 - MS-06FZ Zaku Desert Type (Z132-2)
11 - MS-06R-2 Zaku Shin Matsunaga Command Type (Z131-R2)
12 - MS-06R-2 Zaku Shin Matsunaga Type (Z132-R2)

The first four come in purple boxes, the last eight in green ones. The
Gundam Armored Type and V Gundam Cannon Type have Zaku green/grey/yellow
color schemes.


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