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>..... the question .... did Amuro and Char REALLY died ?

Yoshiyuki Tomino has become somewhat guarded on this question, but comments
made over the course of several years make it clear that he originally
intended for them both to die in a blaze of glory in no uncertain terms.
This was met with great disapproval by the Gundam financiers, who didn't
want the two most popular characters killed off. These were the same
people who also insisted that Amuro could not be married, as it will
destroy his romantic appeal.

In an interview at Anime Expo in 1992, Tomino was asked flat out "Are Char
and Amuro really dead?" His reply: "I won't comment on that. But I don't
want to do anything with them."

So far as Tomino is concerned, he has already said and done everything
about the characters, but he can't rule out someone else coming along and
ressurecting one or the other or both, thanks to the ambiguity in the
ending of CCA that was forced upon him by the money boys.

In Tomino's mind, both Amuro and Char are little bits of twinkling stardust
in orbit around the Earth, for which both gave their lives.


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