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Sun, 01 Aug 1999 14:01:30 +0200

KurenaiJiku wrote:
> I agree. :) Don't become an otaku. It's an insult in Japan to be called
> an otaku. It's like being called a loser. ^^;;
> For all you Anime fans that think "otaku" means "huge fan" or "huge Anime
> fan" you're wrong. It literally means "house" and in the Japanese culture,
> calling a person an otaku means that particular person is a homey, home
> ridden, or a person that doesn't like to go out and is socially deprived.
> Just thought I clear that up since tons of westerners who don't know enough
> about Japanese culture, ACTUALLY enjoy being otakus.

I do not agree. Even if otaku is a japanese word the new, international
meaning is huge fan. There's no wrong with that: many latin words
meaning one thing later meaned something different, something much
different. Of course if I go in Japan I will not use otaku as I use the
otaku concept on this ML.

Bye, Vincenzo

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