Andre Ricardo Pereira Mattos (
Sun, 01 Aug 1999 08:25:42 -0300

I only recently managed to watch CCA, and I was intrigued with the
movie's end: Although it seems that both Amuro and Char died trying to
avoid Axis from plunging to Earth, I saw no "hard" evidence of that.
When Amuro was arguing with Char, there came that scene when a red flash
is seen in RX-93's cockpit and Amuro getting a scared look on his face,
immediately the next scene shows the Gundam still pushing Axis, now
engulfed in a greater psyco-frame (correct me if I'm wrong, but I think
that the green light around Axis was a psyco-frame), and that frame
became enormous and flew away as Axis diverted its course. Well.... I
did not saw any severe damage to the Gundam, nor it exploded, so
..... the question .... did Amuro and Char REALLY died ?

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