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>> You can special order it from Asahiya - the manga
>> is MS Senki (War Chronicles) - Mobile Suit Gundam
>> 0079 Gaiden. There are two manga with the same
>> title, the one with the Black Tri-Stars' appearance

>> is in the one whose ISBN is 4-07-302913-4 on the
>> Dengeki Comics re-issue (with a Zaku II on the
>> cover).
> errr...pardon my ignorance, but what's Asahiya..that
> the company name....and if so by how...i mean thru
> mail or online etc..... any way thanx again..

Asahiya is a well-established book publisher in Japan
as well as a major bookstore chain inside Japan and in
U.S., Asia-Pacific and rest of the World. You can
order almost any Japanese books (provided you have the
Japanese titles, publishers, and related infos) from
them and their prices are reasonable. If you live in
U.S., you can check out their bookstores' addresses at
the following link:

where they located in major U.S. coastal cities.

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