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> For all you Anime fans that think "otaku" means "huge fan" or "huge Anime
> fan" you're wrong. It literally means "house" and in the Japanese culture,
> calling a person an otaku means that particular person is a homey, home
> ridden, or a person that doesn't like to go out and is socially deprived.
> Just thought I clear that up since tons of westerners who don't know enough
> about Japanese culture, ACTUALLY enjoy being otakus.

You may be forgetting that many westerner anime fans are literally otaku, by
the Japanese definition. Many westerner anime fans are not very social
outside of their family (maybe) and fan club (most likely). The major reason
why many western anime fans love being called otaku is the name fits better
than any English word could. And since otaku is Japanese in origin, just
their favorite hobby, those American otaku see this name as a badge of honor,
not an insult.


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