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> >Near the end of the second Gundam movie, the whitebase stops at a port
> >city. They get attacked and Kai meets that girl, you know. Where is this
> >place supposed to be?
> Belfast, Northern Ireland -- a fairly new city when Gundam was aired,
> having been established only five years earlier as part of the treaty
> granting Northern Ireland independence from the Republic of Ireland in the
> south.
> Ireland must hold some fascination for Tomino, as Dublin (AKA Baile Atha
> Cliath) will later play an important part in Gundam ZZ, where it becomes
> the site of the least-destructive colony drop in UC history.
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And then, of course, there was Jeril in Aura Battler Dunbine, with her
Aura Battler, the Leprechaun.

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