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> The Setter H926 is a Flight Support System -- a flying vehicle, usually a
> bomber or transport, adapted to serve as an MS carrier.
> In the One Year War, the Zeon adapted the Dodai YS for this purpose.
> Later, we see vehicles such as the MegaRider that were designed
> specifically for MS support, with no other purpose, but human-piloted FSS
> never go away completely.
> There were 14 MS In Pocket toyes and all of them were from the V Gundam
> series, although the 7th MSiP was a 30-year-old F91. The MSiP series is
> second only to the High Complete Model series and just ahead of the
> MicroGundam series among the items fans wish Bandai would extend.

Yes, I forgot about the F 91 and I even have the MSip F 91! :) I wasn't too
impressed with the MicroGundams, the ones I own have sprue marks on them and
aren't excatly painted well. I really like the H.C.M. toys a lot.


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