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>What's the purpose the green sled from V Gundam? I assume its for ground
>based MS, isn't it? I have an MS in Pocket toy of this sled. I'm dreaming,
>but I'd love for Bandai to make more MS in Pocket's of the other Gundam
>mecha. Is the V Gundam mecha the only mecha made as the MS in Pocket figures?
>As far as I know I would say yes, because I have the HobbyJapan EX issue with
>them in it.

The Setter H926 is a Flight Support System -- a flying vehicle, usually a
bomber or transport, adapted to serve as an MS carrier.

In the One Year War, the Zeon adapted the Dodai YS for this purpose.
Later, we see vehicles such as the MegaRider that were designed
specifically for MS support, with no other purpose, but human-piloted FSS
never go away completely.

There were 14 MS In Pocket toyes and all of them were from the V Gundam
series, although the 7th MSiP was a 30-year-old F91. The MSiP series is
second only to the High Complete Model series and just ahead of the
MicroGundam series among the items fans wish Bandai would extend.


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