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>>as long as you don't go "isn't [any of the g-wing boys] soooo cute?",
>>you'll be fine. :)
>Aww.... Isn't Quatre soooooo cute! Iam sorry! Iam sorry! It HAD to be said!
>Just why is everyone so against Gundam Wing!? I love Wing and 0083 and the 3
>movies to Gundam. Jeez, just come Iam a girl, does'nt mean I just like for
>the pretty boys, I love the mechs, but the show is so much more than that.
>it's about war. no matter how ugly and harsh it is. That's what I like about
>gundam, that and the newtypes are pretty nifty to!

People here are not against Gundam Wing per se, only the apparent
assumption that Gundam Wing is the be-all and end-all of Gundam.

Gundam Wing is a relatively small percentage of All That's Gundam and a
Johnny-Come-Lately part of the saga at that. The Universal Century
timeline tends to rule here, because there's so much of it and, in fact,
was the whole of it until just a few years ago.

We do not ask that you forego or foresake Gundam Wing, only that you put it
in some perspective and proper place in the scheme of things Gundam.
Believe it or not, we had the same problem with Gundam 0083 -- people came
on the list with no knowledge of the original Gundam series, the movie
trilogy, Gundam 0080 and the Z Gundam series and were dismayed that the
regulars didn't embrace 0083 as the pinnacle of Gundam animation, seeing it
instead as a rather shaky bridge between two classic TV series, all of
which had something called Newtypes in them.

Welcome to the wonderful world of minorities. With time and study, you can
eventually earn your citizenship and vote, but until then we ask that you
just be grateful that we allow you to live here in the Land of Opportunity.

As for cooing over the G Boy of your choice, I see no significant
difference between that and mooning over any of a large number of Gundam
Babes, a vice that has gotten a boost of late with the likes of Carol
Youngfan in the Gundam The Battle Master video game. We've had folks
sighing and dying for everyone from Quess Paraya to Cima Garahau, so I see
no reason why the female contingent (who gave a boost to the first Gundam
with their reaction to Char and Garma, among others) should be denied equal


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