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>Hi, I need a little help here... What exactly is GUNDAM CHRONICLES HISTORY OF
>MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM ANIMATIONS? It's supposedly some art book, but what
>exactly does it include?

The Gundam Chronicles: The History of Mobile Suit Gundam Animations
1979-1999 (1999.1.30, B Media Books, ISBN4-8124-0426-6) 240 pages (216 in
color) 2400

I reviewed this earlier this year and that review may be in the Gundam

In any case, it's not really an art book, but rather one of the first
Gundam 20th Anniversary retrospectives. It's more in the line of a Gundam
encyclopedia and, like the Gundam the Movies books, in a digest format laid
out Western style (spine one the left, read top to bottom and left to right).

It contains character and mecha profiles with full-color line art, photos
of models, laserdisc cover art, book covers, UC/FC/AC/AW timelines and even
a five-page listing of every Gundam model kit ever released. There's even
a Gundam Game History Report.

All in all, it's a very nice book printed on high quality paper with a
heavy stock warparound cover, embossed with gold -- but it's not an art book.


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