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>>>Eddie was thinking of MS Senki, I think. Story by Masaya Takahashi and art
>>>by Kazuhisa Kondoh, originally serialized in Kodansha's Comic Bombom and
>>>later published in trade paperback, recently reissued by Mediaworks.
>>thanx guys...wish mi luck on finding them.....
>You can special order it from Asahiya - the manga is MS Senki (War Chronicles)
>- Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Gaiden. There are two manga with the same title,
>the one with the Black Tri-Stars' appearance is in the one whose ISBN is
>4-07-302913-4 on the Dengeki Comics re-issue (with a Zaku II on the cover).

Bear in mind that the Black Trinary only appear for six pages (66 to 71),
during which Fred gets a pep talk from Gaia, as the Trinary prepares to
goes off and take care of that upstart Federation White Mobile Suit.

On the other hand, Fred gets his own Dom on page 128 and uses it to good
effect for the next 38 pages of typical Kondoh action.

By the way, the Jet Stream Attack is very eefective against those big
Federation landships....


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