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I agree. :) Don't become an otaku. It's an insult in Japan to be called
an otaku. It's like being called a loser. ^^;;

For all you Anime fans that think "otaku" means "huge fan" or "huge Anime
fan" you're wrong. It literally means "house" and in the Japanese culture,
calling a person an otaku means that particular person is a homey, home
ridden, or a person that doesn't like to go out and is socially deprived.
Just thought I clear that up since tons of westerners who don't know enough
about Japanese culture, ACTUALLY enjoy being otakus.


>>5) there are other girls. no such thing as love at first sight or made for
>>each other. (unless you're a newtype...) move on with your life...by
>>watching gundam...lots of it. :)
>Uhh, I don't wanna come off as William Shatner here, but maybe watch-
>ing LESS Gundam is best for nursing your current social state :)
>Mark "I grok Char" Kai

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