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Sat, 31 Jul 1999 14:38:47 PDT

>Recently got this question from a person visiting my site:
>Hey wassup. I recently bought a Master Grade MK.II r-178 model kit. Since
>I can't read the Japanese instruction booklet, I don't know how to put on
>these weirdo decals. There clear and don't seem to have any sticky backing
>to them.
>Do you have an answer?

I have this kit, but I havn't inspected the decals yet. They most
likely will be one of 2 things: waterslide decals or dry-transfer

Waterslide decals need to be put in lukewarm water which will soften
the decal enough after a minute to be removed from the backing paper.
You then apply the decal gently to the spot you want it to go. There
are some great setting and smoothing solutions out there (I use Micro-
set and Micro-sol) to get the decal to stick well over any type of

The second possibility, and the most likely, is dry-transfer decals.
Buy a tool called a burnisher at a art store or any tool with a smooth
round hard tip to it. Position the decal in the place you want it on the
model, and hold it VERY still. Then rub over the decal completely
with the tool. The decal will be applied with the pressure used, so
make sure to rub the entire decal, or you will only get part of it to
stick, and the other part remaining on the paper. Don't forget to seal
the decals with a good flat topcoat of clear paint.

Mark Kai

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