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>(to my fellow filipinos: any of you know where i could find a f-71b g-cannon
>(the red one) kit? i'm kinda infatuated with it :)

        hmmm...all I can say is that maghanap ka sa Greenhills.

>keep up the model kit stuff. it's interesting.
>i dislike painting kits (i've never done so, i like it dry, hehe. and
>besides which, i'm too farkin' lazy to even buy the paints and markers).
>stickers, i can barely tolerate (sf91 stickers drove me nuckin' futs...)
>the only parts i like when indulging myself in a model kit is the putting
>together process and posing the thingie.

        I wish I could say the same...with me am just tired or busy...

> much money does a mobile suit cost, in the stories?
>how can they mass produce those thingamajiggers? (then again, how do all
>the mecha anime series finance all them fabulous war machines?) for that
>matter, what IS the currency in gundam? (does it vary according to the
>series and uc/ac universes?)

        well, no more nuclear weapons, chemical or biological least, no
active research (perhaps)...a lot of the money used in that goes to the MS
production I suppose.

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