Garrick Lee (
Sat, 31 Jul 1999 21:33:57 PHT

ola! i'm not implying anything about people hating wing!
i'm ok with g-wing - some of it i like, some not.
what i am ribbing at was the type of topics you'd see on gundam voting
system. but let's not get into that. :)

(to my fellow filipinos: any of you know where i could find a f-71b g-cannon
(the red one) kit? i'm kinda infatuated with it :)

> > from what little i've seen, this ml is more on the technical side of
> > tech specs, mech designs and model kit intricacies. i don't know about
>Yes it certainly seems like that in the last month or so.

keep up the model kit stuff. it's interesting.
i dislike painting kits (i've never done so, i like it dry, hehe. and
besides which, i'm too farkin' lazy to even buy the paints and markers).
stickers, i can barely tolerate (sf91 stickers drove me nuckin' futs...)
the only parts i like when indulging myself in a model kit is the putting
together process and posing the thingie.

> > characters and plot discussions though (haven't seen too many, and
>We do talk a lot about characters, plotlines, music, politics, economy,
>honour, friendship, and most importantly, love. What's your fav?

characters, relationships and plotlines. just how prevalent is the family
tragedy theme in gundam? how about the tragic couple theme? much money does a mobile suit cost, in the stories?
how can they mass produce those thingamajiggers? (then again, how do all
the mecha anime series finance all them fabulous war machines?) for that
matter, what IS the currency in gundam? (does it vary according to the
series and uc/ac universes?)


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