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On Sat, 31 Jul 1999, Garrick Lee wrote:
> from what little i've seen, this ml is more on the technical side of things,
> tech specs, mech designs and model kit intricacies. i don't know about

Yes it certainly seems like that in the last month or so.

> characters and plot discussions though (haven't seen too many, and haven't

We do talk a lot about characters, plotlines, music, politics, economy,
honour, friendship, and most importantly, love. What's your fav?

> as long as you don't go "isn't [any of the g-wing boys] soooo cute?", you'll
> be fine. :)

Yes there are a few people (including myself) who are not Wing fans, but
very few of us actually hate Wings. (but "that new series" might be a
different story). I wish ppl will stop saying we hate Wings. There are
quite a few regulars here who do it both ways: AC/UC :)

We are a bunch of fun-loving ppl, the only way someone can get flamed here
is when he start getting incoherent.

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