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> Dakar - Current day Senegal Capital, in west africa.
> In gundam it is Fed's legislative (?) capital
> Japurá - City next to the Japurá river (which is
> 2330 km long), in S. America. Which serves in Gundam

> as federation base.
> Those are right off the map. Please continue in this

> thread with all the places in the Gundam with
> (most reasonable) spelling if possible.

Well, i'm not too hell-bent on getting it as strict as
what you are thinking, regarding the Japanese
pronounciation in the Gundam World. We know the
Japanese are notoriously bad in presenting English
words - let alone a complete sentence in English - in
print, but names don't last forever, & they can be
changed in the past as well as in the future, so
"Jaburo" to me is just as good as Japura, and so on.
After all, the whip-like weapon on the MS-07 "Gouf"
series has been known as "Heat Rod", "Heat Rope",
"Electric Whip", "Heat Whip", etc. It matters when we
need to use the ones that better describes the object;
for MS-07B "Gouf", i prefer "electric whip" since its
primary function is to shock the opponents & the
mechas, for MS-07B3 "Gouf Custom", i prefer "Heat
Rope" because it's as thin as rope & it's also a
versatile weapon as we discussed in this ML recently.

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