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>> Go to my site at: http://members.tripod.com/BlazeEagle/robot.jpg
>> I got this pamphlet in a Gundam G-Unit kit box. I scanned the inside of
>> pamphlet. Sense I can't read Japanese, I have no idea what its from. Does
>> tell if its a model kit or toy? I can make the picture bigger and reupload
>> it, if anyone needs af better view of the Japanese words.
>Strange, I don't haev that pamphlet, and I have all 5 G-Unit kits. I'll
>forward it to a friend of mine and if he can tell me, I'll let you know.

That's Mobile Racer Wyger, set in RC 0055 (Racer Century) -- Speed Racer
meets G Gundam, if you will. I seem to recall seeing this in RPG The
Magazine or some such. The legend at the top says "Comic Japan" -- that
was an all too brief (one issue!) series from Hobby Japan, whose illusive
first issue featured the first of the One Year War Aces saga. The second
installment appeared in RPG The Magazine, so there's another connection for


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