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>Japurá - City next to the Japurá river (which is 2330 km long), in S.
>America. Which serves in Gundam as federation base.

>>You could just as easily cite Javaro, but Jaburo (AKA Jabrow) is not an
>>actual place, as its the name for a series of artificial caverns beneath
>>the jungle in the Amazon basin, not a surface feature or locale in the
>>present day.

Hmm.... but wasn't the place near the river in the original series? Japura
river, is most obviously, a part of the Solimoes river, inturn the Solimoes
river converges with Negro River (not the racial term but name of river) to
form Amazon river. So logically, if we were to assume and try to find the
most reasonable place, wouldn't that (Japura) be the #1 on the list? Since
the Japanese has some limits in pronouncing words of foreign language...
Although the place is imaginary... :) Just a thought.

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