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>Dakar - Current day Senegal Capital, in west africa. In gundam it is Fed's
>legislative (?) capital

Dakar, Senegal is the site of the EUG Deliberative Assembly.

>Japurá - City next to the Japurá river (which is 2330 km long), in S.
>America. Which serves in Gundam as federation base.

You could just as easily cite Javaro, but Jaburo (AKA Jabrow) is not an
actual place, as its the name for a series of artificial caverns beneath
the jungle in the Amazon basin, not a surface feature or locale in the
present day.

Some of us old-timers, like myself, render the name as "Diablo"....

Other places of interest:

Lhasa, Tibet
Locale of the Federation HQ circa UC 0093 -- destroyed by 5th Luna.

Torrington, New South Wales, Australia
Oakley KS
Federation bases circa 0083

Alexandria, North Africa
Baikonur, Siberia
Brunei, Borneo
Katarl (near Odessa?)
Odessa, Ukraine
Subic Bay, Phillipines
Suez, Egypt
Mayport PA
Norfolk VA
Cape Canaveral FL
Zeon Terrestrial bases circa 0079

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Neo Hong Kong, China
Papua, New Guinea
Titans bases circa 0087

Hickory (formerly Vandenberg AFB) CA
Kalaba base circa 0087


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