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>All in all, I can easily see liquid water rather than ice as a covering for
>the "light" panels. But that doesn't mean that Tomino actually used that idea
>in Gundam. We still see Mobile Suits hovering along a panel's surface like an
>air hockey puck with their foot thrusters and tread shape acting as a plenum
>for a very shallow ground-effect. And no spray to speak of.

To my knowledge, Tomino only used the term "river" in a poetic sense,
rivers of glass, if you will. And, as noted previously, no one could
resist the artistic license of making the skylights into huge picture
windows, allowing clear views both into and out of the colony cylinder.

No one, not even O'Neill, seemed to notice how problematic they would be in
real life. The creators of Gundam 0080 weren't thinking in terms of
coefficients of friction, but saw that this smooth glassy surface would
make an ideal skateway for MS, even if they had to build up the artificial
sod on the "ground" panels to a depth of 20 meters to accomodate their
passage under the bridges that cross the "sky" panels at 3.2 km intervals.

Gundam has been pretty good about its science but, given a choice between
scientific accuracy and aesthetic appeal, artistic license wins every time.


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