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On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Vincenzo Bruni wrote:
> Maybe in the first two OAVs. Later they use GMs and GM Cannons,

You are right.

> But I have a doubt. How many Zaku, Gelgoog, Dom and GM were made during
> the OYW? Several hundreds, at least and I hardly believe they were all


> destroyed or too badly damaged to be repaired. So, we have several
> hundreds MS and a Federation badly wounded with an economy near
> collapse. There are no enemies, as Zion is subjugated. But the

I don't think we have direct or official data on the state of Fed's
economy at the end of 0079. After all, in a few short months they pumped
out a few thousand GMs to kick Zeon's ass. So it couldn't be that bad.

> Maybe the Feds wanted to create a strong image but I don't think the
> people was too happy to see their money wasted away while both the Earth

People's happiness was not priority #1 for the Feds.

> It's hard to believe so as they are too much different from their
> "parent", maybe they could use several spare parts from the older model

In Z, you see AEUG guys flayed the armor off an old broken Gelgoog and
dress that on top of one of their MS (maybe a Nemo?) for an infiltration
mission. They seem to have done it within a matter of hours, at most a
day. So external appearance of MS is very malleable. But all those
transformer MS were brand new from skin to bones, so those are a bit more

Remember also that Gundam is part fantasy, so all new MS are ok even if it
doesn't quite make economic sense.

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