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> Sorry for this OT post, but I'm trying to find some resources about
> supertechnology, specifically Dyson spheres (as seen in STTNG, that
> with Scotty :), and energy-to-matter conversion. The pages I've seen on
> net regarding spheres and ringworlds aren't that great.

First off, Dyson was not a mathematician, nor a physicist. If I remember
correctly, Dyson was an author or columnist that propose an effect where the
concept of a commune styled village could be applied on a much larger
economical scale. If each village could harness all of its resources, then
all the villages in a country could do the same, then all of the countries in
the world could do the same, and eventually you would have a means to long
lasting peace for mankind by harnessing all of the resources our world has to

Now, again if I remember correctly, several science fiction authors took hold
of this idea by taking it one step further, and developed the concept of the
Dyson's Sphere, where all of resources in a solar system where put to
efficient use. And I believe NASA may have research the idea at one time or

William Keith, Jr., a sci-fi author who has written many Mecha based novels,
took this concept even further by describing how Dyson Sphere could lead to
Dyson Galaxies in his War Strider series.

All in all, excellent reading and great food for thought.


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