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> I'd say that a good portion of these variants are converted version of the
> previous MS. Afterall, if the Feds can keep on retrofit GM all the way to
> GMIII, why not the Zeon equipments? Also, there is the cost factor. It's
> probably cheaper to convert an existing MS than building on from scratch.
> And they did build alot of MS during OYW.

It should be more of a production factor. It's much easier to retool an
existing design than it is to retool for a totally new design. In large
machine manufacturing, you don't skip generations of a tool design if you can
help it. My company took it in the shorts when we did this once, so believe
me when I tell you that cost of production and continuing maintenance can
easily kill a great design while a not so great design will keep you floating
only as long as you can continue to upgrade it.


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