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> Zaku III, actually.

Oops, I meant the Zaku III, sorry.

> >and the
> >Qubley(hope I spelled that right) there's more bad guy Mecha then good so
> far
> >in that line, though.
> Yeah, there are always exceptions to the rule.
> >When I said I want an 08th MS Team Dom, I want an 08th
> >Team Dom, that's sturdy like the Gouf kit is from 08th MS Team, but I'm
> happy
> >that there's a Dom MG. Basically I don't care for other 1/144 scale kits
> too
> >much, but I really loved the 08th Ms Team kits and it would have be nice to
> >have a Guntank and Dom to finish up the kit line.
> Probably not likely in the short run. Bandai appears to be done with kits
> from The 08th MS Team, and the HGUC kits so far appears to be limited to
> designs that (1) has already been released previous as a kit, and (2) is
> from a Tomino show.

I know the kits are finished from 08th MS Team, but one can dream. There was
a previous kit of the Gouf, too, though. Could you explain (2)? I'm not sure
what you mean. Tomino doesn't like merchandise of his show being made or


> Eddie

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