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> I don't know what you've been smoking, but a 1/144 kit of the Asparas will
> be enourmous and you probably won't be able to afford it even if they made
> one anyway.

I realize this, I was only dreaming. It would cost a small fortune.

> Bandai has been focusing on the main Gundam mecha for almost a decade now,
> in case you haven't realized. Now people count themselves lucky if a non-
> hero MS comes out as a B-Club kit at all.
> Eddie

I realize this, too. You'd have to be brain dead not to. But, look at the new
HG UC kit line, there's the GunCannon, then the Gyan, the Zaku II, and the
Qubley(hope I spelled that right) there's more bad guy Mecha then good so far
in that line, though. When I said I want an 08th MS Team Dom, I want an 08th
Team Dom, that's sturdy like the Gouf kit is from 08th MS Team, but I'm happy
that there's a Dom MG. Basically I don't care for other 1/144 scale kits too
much, but I really loved the 08th Ms Team kits and it would have be nice to
have a Guntank and Dom to finish up the kit line. Those new 1/144 HG UC kits
seem to be very nice, and I'll probably like them as much as the 08th MS Team


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