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> But how many MS do you expect to shoot down on a sortie? I
> suspect if you
> look at the stats in any air war from WW1 to Kosovo, the
> typical no. is
> less than 1. Even Aces on a regular sortie can't expect to
> face 8 or 10
> boggies. If the odds are bad, you back down, having a
> million ammo won't
> help if you don't survive long enough to use them. And if you were
> out of ammo, you retreat, in RL (and often in Gundam), out of
> ammo is not
> a big deal for fighters because you are rarely trapped behind
> enemy line.
> Also I remember an F-18 has enough slugs for the pilot to squeeze the
> trigger for a total of 20 seconds or something like that. A little
> different from the Kampfer philosophy.

In Real Life(tm) running out of ammo is actually a pretty big problem for
interception/escort fighters. One Russian Ace in W.W.II even develop an
tactic to be use only after you ran out of ammo, you deliberately slam your
plane into the enemy, and eject. The inventor actually did that several
times (you have to survive in order to teach it to the other pilots).
Unlike Kamakaze, the tactic is designed for the pilot to survive. This
technique basically died out with the advent of jet engine. Though there
was a recorded incident involving this technique in Korean war.

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