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For big joints that needs to support weight, like hip joints, use the
following trick...
At most office buildings, behind the bathroom doors are usually metal hooks
for use as coat hangers. There usually is a rubber cap at the tip of these
hooks to keep the hook from banging on the wall. These rubber caps,
combined with a plastic bead that you can find in craft shops, make an
excellent ball joint that is tight and yet movable.
For smaller joints like fingers, use the pins that you get when you buy a
button down dress shirt. Make sure hat the pin head is like a little sphere
and not the flat type. You can use those as a small ball joint.

I have added some pics to my page.
Check it out.
Gus Jae
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Subject: [gundam] Scratch-built joints, anyone?

Hello everyone out there, I was just trying out to built my first
scratch-built model, modelled after the Hygog. I was thinking of adding some
mobility, especially on the hands, legs and waist. Other than buying those
rubber joints or using metal wires, is there anyway of scratch-building
joints, for the claws, the very flexible arm and some basic joints on the
leg? Thanks for any comments.

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