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>hey i was wondering if someone could help me. there is a girl i have been
>crazy about for a while and she has well a boyfriend i mean this guy is a
>real jerk to her in my opinion ( because he didnt take her to the prom but i
>did had no problem with either) i really love this girl and im really not
>sure what i should do relationship wise i mean she keeps calling me from her
>home in germany and telling me how much she misses me and how much she loves
>and its cutting away at me . she already knows how i feel and i really dont
>know how she honestly feels . please help any advice would be cool .

I think the only way is to make sure that you can get to a position whre
you can either go there or she can go to where you are. If yu can wait
that long...means graduating, finding a good job, etc. Alternatively, you
can short circuit it all by doing whatever is really in your heart, But I
dunno if there is a decent success rate for that.

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