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> In Z, ZZ and CCA we don't see any old Zaku or GM (a
> variant Gouf appear in Z, I think). The oldest MS >
disappeared. Were they cannibalized in the new >

That's not the case. In "ZZ Gundam", the Zakus, Doms,
and Gelgoogs variants from the OYW were promptly
featured in the 2nd half of the series.

> all (sic) the Rick Dias are recontructed Rick Dom?

No, Rick Dias were developed by the fromer Zeon
engineers (that's why it resembled to Zeon's Dom,
Gelgoog and Galbaldy-alpha), with the Gundarium alloy
technology being secretly passed from the Axcis'
Neo-Zeons to AEUG.

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