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> Okay, let's see if I've got this straight. The Gouf
> Custom's Heat Whip is capable of:
>>Adhering to surfaces(though I suspect this is by a
> magnet, not a giant suction cup).

At the end of that is a 3-point hook to further grip
the targeted object.

>> Holding tons of weight(as in holding on to a
> thrusting Core Fighter).

The Core Booster is one, as well as that water-cooling

tower on top of the multi-storey building...

>>Using electric current to overload the MS/shock the
> pilot(wasn't that a Joan Armatrading song?).

just like the 'fat' electric whip from 0079's Gouf...

> Y'know, the Gouf Custom is quickly becoming my
> favourite MS.

and the 08's OVA production team did it with just one
episode, isn't that amazing?

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