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Chien Ting Chin wrote:

 And that's the Zaku you saw in 0083, because the
> main characters came from a testing and training facility. And throughout
> 0083 the main characters got to keep using their oddball equipment because
> they were themselves an oddball bunch. Can this interpertation stands ok
> with you folks?
Maybe in the first two OAVs. Later they use GMs and GM Cannons,
above-standard MS.

But I have a doubt. How many Zaku, Gelgoog, Dom and GM were made during
the OYW? Several hundreds, at least and I hardly believe they were all
destroyed or too badly damaged to be repaired. So, we have several
hundreds MS and a Federation badly wounded with an economy near
collapse. There are no enemies, as Zion is subjugated. But the
Federation after only three years already mass produced expensive new
GMs. I'm no talking about the Gundams-they were prototypes after all and
the Feds were too intrigued by the new technology to slow down it down.
Maybe the Feds wanted to create a strong image but I don't think the
people was too happy to see their money wasted away while both the Earth
and the colonies still suffered from the ravages of war. Perhaps the
fight between people's and army's will was instrumental in the creation
of the Titans, apart the Stardust Operation.
 In Z, ZZ and CCA we don't see any old Zaku or GM (a variant Gouf appear
in Z, I think). The oldest MS disappeared. Were they cannibalized in the
new design? Actually all the Hi-Zack are rebuilt Zaku, all the Rick Dias
are recontructed Rick Dom?
It's hard to believe so as they are too much different from their
"parent", maybe they could use several spare parts from the older model
but nothing more. Were all the older suits decommissioned? The Feds had
an enormous (if under powered for the ever advancing military
technology) army of metal giants. Even if the new suits were less
numerous and more powerful the Feds never showed any moral dilemma using
tens of MS to put down a single enemy. Of course I'm talking about
animation. Kondo and several others did a beautiful job using Zaku and
GM but they aren't canon.
Any idea?
Bye, Vincenzo

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