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> Your compulsory conscription sounds like the next step from my country's
>compulsory military training in high school and college.

        Same difference.. =)

> To go back to gundam: I would have to say that perhaps one doesn't
>really need a lot of weapons, but one does need a lot of clips. I have one GM
>which has the bazooka (08ms), and I made sure he had three clips (I put it
>on the skirt). The rest of the group i made are as follows: another GM
>has two Missile launchers. the other GM has a standard rifle and saber
>combo. The rx78 ground gundam has a rifle and saber combo as well. The
>ez8 I decided to arm with that BFG that comes with the kit. I transferred
>the Rx78G's backpack to the ez8, and then put a spare rifle and some clips
>in it.

        The Missiler GM is probably over-armed, since each launcher already
have 6 missiles. Normally, IIRC, the missiler will be armed with the normal
100mm (?) SMG that comes standard. The EZ8's BFG is the standard Beam Rifle
of the RX-78G, IIRC used by who's-that-girl in the team.. can't remember her
name... when engaging the Asparas.

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