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Fri, 30 Jul 1999 00:07:18 -0700

<Bad, personal situation deleted>

>what I recommend you do is find Heero or Char and enlist their help. With
>Heero, knock him out, steal his gundam, and blast the guy with the Twin
>buster rifle. With Char or anyonw with a gundam that is just blow his guts
>all over the lot.

Or, he can wait this out, and find himself a newtype after this ordeal. Of
course, being a newtype (a natural one, not a bio-freakin' soldier) also
entails even more scattered destruction, including of those pretty close to

However, all that doesn't happen until you face off one on one with the
aforementioned jerk, who happens to be enhanced and nuts. Should the love
of your life survive, you both find yourself newtypes, and live happily ever
after... Unless you're named Camille...

I know this doesn't help, but you are literally oceans away and very little
you can do short of stealing a MS. It's all upto the other person.

May both of you survive (this ordeal) and find yourselves NewType

Y. Choe

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