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>Subject: [gundam] personal help
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>hey i was wondering if someone could help me. there is a girl i have been
>crazy about for a while and she has well a boyfriend i mean this guy is a
>real jerk to her in my opinion ( because he didnt take her to the prom but
>did had no problem with either) i really love this girl and im really not
>sure what i should do relationship wise i mean she keeps calling me from
>home in germany and telling me how much she misses me and how much she
>and its cutting away at me . she already knows how i feel and i really dont
>know how she honestly feels . please help any advice would be cool .

what I recommend you do is find Heero or Char and enlist their help. With
Heero, knock him out, steal his gundam, and blast the guy with the Twin
buster rifle. With Char or anyonw with a gundam that is just blow his guts
all over the lot.

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