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> >> >Mobile Suit Gundam The RPG
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> >> This reminds me, of how much use is this? Is it entirely in english or does
> >> it have some English bits as well?
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> >I'm not entirely certain, but it's not a true RPG, IIRC. More a
> >Strategy game with RPG elements.
> Quite the opposite, in fact. I have both the regular and special editions,
> as well as the (only?) supplement. The game is a simple (if dated) RPG, with
> the typical 90's RPG plethora of background info rather than huge volumes of
> detailed rules. The only detail is really in the MS specs, but even there
> the game is handled abstractly (without a map) and uses a simple
> to-hit/to-dodge armor-subtracts-from-damage system. I don't think it handles
> mass engagements, nor wide disparity in pilot skills all that well. I
> haven't tested it, but I suspect you'd have a hard time recreating many of
> Amuro's best fights.
> The RPG is supported by (surprise!) RPG magazine, in which nearly every
> issue I've seen there's some kind of scenario, variant, or background
> article.
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Does anyone out there have an english translation of the game?

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