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>As for the eyes, you don't get that 'glowing eyes' look with just
>paint. so what i do is i first use a marker to color the entire face
>black, then paint chrome on the eyes (which is quite easy because the
>eyes usually protrude), again with an teeny-tiny almost-dry brush..
>when the chrome paint dries, i use a green marker over the silver

        hmmmm, I use gold on the eyes, but it has a silver base underneath. for
the plastic translucent eyes, I paint at the back of it with silver or
white, depending on color.

>of course i've left out the 'hands shaking like crazy' portion..

        tsk, tsk. always use clamps, Jaoie! I used to, until i got used to using
tweezers and jeweler's tools to hold on to small parts. sometimes I even
use elmer's glue...I glue the small piece to a screwdriver, wait for it to
dry, paint it, wait for that to dry, and then just take it off...

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