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>Why doesn't Bandai make a kit of the 08th MS Team Dom and Guntank, to go
>the other 08th MS Team plastic kits? They made the main mecha for the OVA
>then just stopped making 08th MS Team kits. A injection Plastic Apsaras
>be nice too, so I could create a diorama with the Gundam jumping at the
>Apsaras with its beam saber, like in that scene from the OVA.

        Hmmm, aside from the resin kits of the Guntank and the two versions of the
Apsaras, I think there hasn't been much more, except for this item in HLJ
for the 08thMS team, but there's no description for it (look in future
sci-fi releases). I agree that there should be a plastic injection Guntank
around, but the Apsaras? That would be a bit too big, and I think it would
be a bit too, err, boring, since there aren't many moving parts. As for
the dom, you could always bash/modify one of the 0080 RDII's...

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