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>> and is that grapple line electrified?
>GC's 'heat rope', or 'electric whip' as we used to
>know in 0079, is not only 'electrifying' but also a
>versatile survival tool. The rope's end has a suction
>hook which can grip on any solid surface for GC to use
>the rope to do different things: dragging down a Core
>Booster, doing a 'cliff-hangar' on top and inside of a
>multi-storey building; pull off Gundam's arm shield,
>paralyzing your opponent (and his/her MS) with a jolt
>of electricity, etc. In short, the 'heat rope' is GC's
>very own Swiss Army knife.

Okay, let's see if I've got this straight. The Gouf Custom's Heat Whip is
capable of:

>Adhering to surfaces(though I suspect this is by a magnet, not a giant
suction cup).
>Holding tons of weight(as in holding on to a thrusting Core Fighter).
>Being heated to armor-slicing temperature by electric current or...
>Using electric current to overload the MS/shock the pilot(wasn't that a
Joan Armatrading song?).

Y'know, the Gouf Custom is quickly becoming my favourite MS.


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