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> >I think the huge blade it uses is a heatblade, while the electric whip (I
> >think it's call a heat rod) seems to just shock the pilot of it's target
> in a
> >spectacular anime fashion. I've also heard that the whip can stick to
> >target, and even deliver physical damage from simple contact.
> >SJ
> Hokay, so the blade is a heatblade, but the whip can do damge from simple
> contact? Does that mean it has some sort of explosive contact weapon on it
> or that it has some sort of heat or vibration based weapon system at the
> end of it? I can imagine it being able to would simply have
> grappling claws or something.

Again, I said the I heard it could do those extra things. I can't remember
actually seeing it do any of those neat tricks as I haven't had a chance to
watch 08th MS Team, yet.


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