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> I'm just curious now...has there been any new kitbashes/modifications done
>in the ML people's kits since the last time the question was asked?

Now that I've got the time, I've sat down and started looking at my
Gelgoogs(Jeager and Regelgu). I'm debating on how much I want to rebuild
the joints in the legs; despite being a ZZ Gundam kit, it's actually just
the old Gelgoog Cannon with additional parts, leaving a lot of the old
plastic-on-plastic articulation. I've got the spare polycaps to do it, I
just don't know it I want to rebuild both legs.

On the Jeager, I plan to do the standard cut/rebuild on the front skirt,
and find someplace for it to stow the 2x Beam Sabre from the Regelgu. I'm
also considering replacing the ball&socket hips with plain old polycaps,
since I friend of mine complained endlessly about the coming loose. Of
course, he played with his models, I just put them on display, so the b&s
hips might be sufficient.

I should have *one* of them seriously underway by next week.


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